“UANDISHI-Building Capacity for Writing Scientific Manuscripts” is an innovative and experiential training program in mentoring and scientific manuscript writing aimed at building capacity for writing scientific manuscripts, at the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) University of Nairobi (UoN).  This program complements other training programs within FHS/UoN, and is hosted at KAVI Institute of Clinical Research.

This is a call for applicants (Mentors), for a Mentors-in-Training in Scientific Manuscript Writing course, from February to June 2023. Mentors-in-Training will each provide mentoring of 1 or 2 mentees while developing a manuscript and ultimately submitting to a peer-reviewed journal, in a structured fashion and with support. The training will include 3 workshops and mentoring of mentees.

Mentorship and Biostatistics Workshop (01 - 10 March 2023): Mentors-in-training will be equipped with knowledge and skills in mentoring, data analysis and manuscript writing mentoring, and get familiarized with scientific writing learning materials and resources.

Scientific Writing Workshop (24 – 31 March 2023): In this interactive workshop for building/enhancing manuscript-writing knowledge and skills of mentees, mentors-in-training will have opportunity for experiential training on mentoring.

Mentoring period (10 April – 19 May 2023): With support from this program’s faculty, each Mentor will guide 1 or 2 mentees to develop a full manuscript; about 2 hours of Mentor time per week.

Peer review of manuscripts (05 – 09 June 2023): Experiential peer review of manuscripts and mentored writing. This will be followed by manuscript finalization and submission to a peer-reviewed journal for publication.

Applicants should be academic/research staff from FHS, experienced in scientific writing and publishing i.e.; published at least 5 scientific manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals, with at least 2 of the publications being research articles with the applicant as the first author. 

If interested in participating as a Mentor-in-Training please use the link below to submit your application plus attach the following supporting documents: 1-2-page curriculum vitae, and a list of your publications. The deadline for applications is 28th January 2023.


If you have any questions about the application please email to mentorship@kaviuon.org and kageni@uonbi.ac.ke; for questions about the program please contact the program Lead/Principal Investigator, Dr G Omosa-Manyonyi, at gomosa@uonbi.ac.ke