IndyGeneUS AI formalizes partnership with EncrypGen, the world’s first blockchain-mediated genomic DNA data marketplace to support infectious disease management and drug discovery in Africa.


Washington, DC, February 15, 2021: IndyGeneUS AI (pronounced indigenous) is proud to announce our partnership with EncrypGen, the world’s first blockchain-mediated genomic DNA data marketplace. The partnership will yield 18,000 genomic and clinical data sets and access to over 100,000 patients with mobile electronic health records, in collaboration with the Kenyan AIDS Vaccine Initiative (KAVI) Institute of Clinical Research at the University of Nairobi, and Afya Rekod. EncrypGen CEO and co-founder, Dr. David Koepsell stated “Partnering with like-minded companies to provide transparency and compensation to participants says that we are working within our vision for EncrypGen. Genetic data is extremely valuable in helping us find new cures to diseases. We will quickly make more African genomic data available for researchers in an equitable manner, providing transparency and compensation for subjects and patients, including greater control and security and sovereignty for individuals.”  Data that IndyGeneUS is sourcing to the EncrypGen marketplace can be used as a resource for research on conditions affecting Africans and diaspora populations. Yusuf Henriques, founder and CEO of IndyGeneUS, shared his thoughts. “What is most important to me is the economic and health benefits for Africans through a secure marketplace. Individuals are compensated when their data is used. Our goal is to increase representation of the oldest and most genetically diverse human populations in research and clinical trials to benefit our world.”


About IndyGeneUS AI

IndyGeneUS AI is a genomics company with the world’s largest block-chain encrypted repository of indigenous and diasporic African clinical and multi-omics data. This will support disease prevention/detection, drug discovery and development, clinical disease management, and precision health equity. Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with a presence in South Africa and Washington, DC, IndyGeneUS was founded by Mr. Yusuf Henriques. He served as a Combat Medic in the Army and later founded TruGenomix Health Inc., to advance the diagnosis and treatment of PTSD using Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS). In 2020, he founded IndyGeneUS after co-creating MIT’s Hacking Racism in Healthcare series. Please visit for more information. IndyGeneUS AI Media Contact: Madia Logan |


About EncrypGen:

EncrypGen, Inc. creates software that empowers individuals, researchers, and businesses to share genetic data. Founded in 2016 on the principle that individuals have the sovereign right to be secure in the ownership, control and use of their personal data, we have created a fully functioning and secure peer-to-peer blockchain driven genomic data exchange.   EncrypGen is dedicated to democratizing the market for the safe and equitable exchange of DNA data between individuals and medical and scientific researchers. For more information, please visit EncrypGen Media Contact: