Protocol C

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Protocol C


A prospective, observational, multi-center study to evaluateLaboratory, clinical,

immunologic and viral markers of Disease progression in recently HIV-infected

volunteers One of the primary requirements of an effective vaccine is to elicit a

strong, sustained, and specific immune response against a target pathogen. The

complex nature of HIV infection can be viewed as a race of adaptations between

the virus and the host immune system making the development of an effective

vaccine a great challenge. It is suggested that the outcome of this race is driven

by events taking place early during infection. This study will aim at shedding

light on these events using a multi-parameter approach to analyze the virus-host

interactions in recently HIV-infected volunteers. Frequent sampling during the

period immediately following HIV acquisition allows for a more detailed and

in-depth evaluation of the immune response and viral evolution. Very little work

has been done at this detailed level in Africa, with the relevant types of HIV in the

context of the varied genetics of the human hosts. For example, HIV-specific

CD8 T cell responses are known to be induced as the acute burst of viral

replication occurs; however, much remains to be learned about the nature of this

response or how its subsequent evolution may impact the initial and long-term

ability to control viral replication. Results from this analysis would provide

valuable information to help direct the design and development of vaccine

candidates better suited to the regions where efficacy trials will be performed. 

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