Dr. Marianne Mureithi makes a presentation at Imperial College London.

Dr. Marianne Mureithi presented KAVI-ICR ground-breaking Mucosal Immunology work titled “Defining HIV-1 interactions at the Mucosa”  at the emerging techniques for investigating mucosal immunity and delivery of therapies symposium” held at the Anthony de Rothschild Lecture Theatre, St Mary’s Campus Imperial College London, UK on August 5th, 2019.

The symposium brought together pioneers in Mucosal Immunology such as Professors Robin Shattock, Tom Hope, Julia Fox and Trevor Hansel to discuss the challenges and opportunities to further our understanding on the mucosal barrier.  

Thereafter, Dr. Mureithi spent time at the Human Immunology Laboratory (HIL), Imperial College London, meeting various IAVI scientists and additionally attended other mucosal meetings together with Prof. Tom Hope at the Francis Crick Institute and Kings College London which provided excellent networking opportunities and enhanced future collaborations.