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Protocol M


A Prospective, Observational, Multi-Centre Study to Evaluate Vaccine-Induced

Mucosal HIV-1-specific Immune Responses in Individuals Concurrently Enrolled

in IAVI-Affiliated HIV Preventive Vaccine Trials A variety of Phase I trials are

conducted with different potential HIV-1 vaccine products, focusing on clinical

research centres in low-income areas of the world. The collaborative network

of centres presents a unique opportunity to better understand the safety and

immunologic profiles of HIV preventive vaccines in these populations. As part of

this network, collaborative research centers have access to advanced

technology and validated assays for laboratory measurement of immune

responses in vaccine trials. The role of mucosal immunity is believed to be crucial

in early HIV infection, and the understanding of specific mucosal immunity in

protection against HIV transmission is beginning to emerge, especially with the

use of new and/or improved assays. Therefore, understanding the

mechanisms of HIV infection across mucosal surfaces and mucosal response to

HIV vaccination is likely to be important for effective HIV vaccine design and

development. The purpose of this study is to evaluate mucosal immune

responses to HIV vaccination and compare them to peripheral cellular and

serologic immune responses. This information will be incorporated with other

immune response results garnered from HIV vaccine trials to help inform HIV

vaccine development. 

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