In an unprecedented collaboration, the Early Career Champions (ECC) teams from Nairobi and Helsinki conducted their first face-to-face meetings. This remarkable event, held simultaneously in two different locations, reflected the teams' shared commitment and enthusiasm to extend the ECC programme's legacy in ONE Health.

KAVI-Boardroom & Facility Tour, Nairobi
At the illustrious KAVI-Boardroom in Nairobi, renowned for its role in facilitating vital deliberations, ECC alumni, mentors, and mentees convened. Participants were treated to a tour of the facility, which offered an engaging insight into the venue's regular operations. The environment was marked by a harmonious blend of reminiscence from former members and vibrant anticipation from new inductees.

A Casual Gathering in Helsinki
Concurrently, the Helsinki ECC team assembled at a city centre student bar. The choice of an informal setting was deliberate, fostering easy interactions and facilitating spontaneous conversations. The gathering, enriched by the presence of ECC alumni, demonstrated the community's collective growth and learning.

Bridging the Distance
Despite geographical separation, both teams were profoundly united. They undertook the symbolic task of capturing a group photo and exchanging it with the other team. This gesture affirmed their solidarity and mutual vision, a touching testament to their shared journey in the ECC programme.

A Bright Future Ahead
The success of these meetings has established an optimistic foundation for future collaborations between Nairobi and Helsinki ECC teams. Energized and motivated, the ECC programme is well-positioned for outstanding continuation.

Remarks from Key Personalities
Dr. Marianne Mureithi, Chairman of Medical Microbiology and Immunology:
"The convergence of early career champions in both Nairobi and Helsinki is a significant milestone in the ECC initiative. It epitomizes the strength, dynamism, and potential of our community. This interaction is not just an event; it is a catalyst toward global transformation in ONE Health. The enthusiasm demonstrated today is promising for our future endeavours."

ECC Coordinator:
"The first face-to-face meeting between the ECC teams in Nairobi and Helsinki has transcended geographical constraints. It has illuminated the spirit of cooperation and the earnest desire to build a supportive and thriving community. We are thrilled with the event's success and are proactively planning further initiatives to enhance these essential connections."

The historic meeting of ECC teams in Nairobi and Helsinki marks a memorable chapter in the ECC programme's journey. To all participants, alumni, mentors, and mentees, your contributions to this significant day have laid the groundwork for a prosperous future. Here's to many more milestones ahead in the field of ONE Health.