Call for Mentees: One Health Early Career Champions


Apply now! Call for Mentees: One Health Early Career Champions

The One Health Early Career Champions–program (ECC) offers you the opportunity to become a part of the ECC community at the universities of Nairobi and Helsinki. As a mentee in the program, you will benefit from the personal career advice and guidance of two carefully chosen mentors and one experienced researcher from each university. This opportunity is open to a maximum of twelve doctoral researchers, six from Nairobi and six from Helsinki.


UANDISHI-Building Capacity for Writing Scientific Manuscripts program held the certificate award ceremony to mark completion of the year 2023 training. UANDISHI is an innovative and experiential blended mentor-mentee Scientific Manuscript Writing and Mentorship training being implemented at the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), University of Nairobi. The training seasons in 2023 were March-June 2023 for Cohort 1, and July-October 2023 for Cohort 2.

The Historic First Face-to-Face Meeting of ECC Teams in Nairobi and Helsinki

In an unprecedented collaboration, the Early Career Champions (ECC) teams from Nairobi and Helsinki conducted their first face-to-face meetings. This remarkable event, held simultaneously in two different locations, reflected the teams' shared commitment and enthusiasm to extend the ECC programme's legacy in ONE Health.

KAVI-Boardroom & Facility Tour, Nairobi