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Protocol L


A cross-sectional study for specimen collection to characterize assays and

immune responses in support of HIV vaccine trials Progress towards a preventive

HIV vaccine has been slow and after 25 years of focused HIV vaccine research

an effective vaccine remains elusive. The encouraging results from the Thai HIV

vaccine trail (RV144) in 2009 and the discovery of potent and broadly neutralizing

antibodies by a number of research groups have rejuvenated the HIV vaccine

field. However the greatest hindrance has been the lack of known correlates of

protection and correlates of immunity. In order to infer these correlates studies

are required in both HIV positive and HIV negative volunteers. This study is

designed to study and characterize immune responses in HIV positive

individuals, at the same time use this background information to develop assays

and methods that can be used to evaluate HIV vaccines, assess factors that

may alter immune responses, and assess cryopreservation of Peripheral Blood

Mononuclear cells (PBMCs) in preparation for HIV vaccine studies. The new

focus for HIV vaccine development is the design of vaccines that will elicit

both Cellular as well humoral immunity. There is need therefore to develop

news assays and methods that will be able to assess the vaccine response in

the peripheral as well as in the mucosal tissues.

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