Topic: Emerging Infectious Diseases: are bats being unfairly implicated?
Speaker: Dr Paul Webala
Senior Lecturer/Mammologist, Maasai Mara University

TOPIC: Phages: A glance through a Prism

PRESENTER: Dr. Angela Makumi,
Scientist, International Livestock Research Organization (ILRI)

Title: Bombali Ebolavirus - Is it a pathogen?

Presenter: Prof Tarja Sironen

Associate Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases

University of Helsinki, Finland.

PhD Thesis Defence
Presenter: Winnie Mutai
Title: Epidemiology and Genomic investigation of Clostridioides difficile in hospitalized patients with nosocomial diarrhoea.

The University of Nairobi Faculty of Health Sciences and Kenyatta National Hospital will host the Health Research Week Symposium on Non-Communicable Diseases from 24th to 28th October 2022.

The theme of the symposium is: The New Pandemic: Challenges and Innovations in Management

This year's University of Nairobi Research Week 2022 will be held from Monday 24th to Friday, 28th October, 2022. Thirteen (13) conferences in different thematic areas have been lined up to…

1. PhD Thesis Defence
Presenter: Dr Stevens Kisaka
Title: Preclinical Care, Clinical Management & Outcomes of Dod Bite Injuries in High Rabies Burden Regions of Uganda

1. Proposal Defence
Presenter: Deories Sikuku
Title: The Metabolomics of Natural Killer & Dendritic Cells during HIV pathogenesis.

PhD Proposal Defence

Presenter: Brian Ogoti

Title: Identification of factors influencing zoonotic transmission of MERS-COV in Kenya.

PhD Research Proposal Defence

Presenter: Euginia Makinia

Title: In-Vitro Antiplasmodial activity and phytochemical investigations of plant extracts