Apply now! Call for Mentors: One Health Early Career Champions

We invite you to join the One Health Early Career Champions (ECC) Program as a mentor to support talented doctoral researchers from Kenya and Finland. This program unites accomplished early career researchers and academics from the University of Nairobi and the University of Helsinki.

Call for Mentees: One Health Early Career Champions


Apply now! Call for Mentees: One Health Early Career Champions

The One Health Early Career Champions–program (ECC) offers you the opportunity to become a part of the ECC community at the universities of Nairobi and Helsinki. As a mentee in the program, you will benefit from the personal career advice and guidance of two carefully chosen mentors and one experienced researcher from each university. This opportunity is open to a maximum of twelve doctoral researchers, six from Nairobi and six from Helsinki.

Professor Kindrachuk presenting on Incidental and Reservoir hosts of the Ebola Virus at KAVI-ICR Journal Club

The New Year started on 24th January 2020 for KAVI-ICR Journal club with Professor Jason Kindrachuk from the Department of Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, University of Manitoba, Presenting on Ebola Virus. The presentation was titled 'Identifying the molecular determinants underlying Ebola virus persistence in incidental and reservoir hosts.' The KAVI-ICR Journal club brings together scientists and students twice a month to listen to presentations of various projects.

IAVI-W001 Study Launched at the KAVI-Institute of Clinical Research

On 24th September 2019, the first volunteer was enrolled in the IAVI-W001 study at the KAVI-Institute of Clinical Research (KAVI-ICR) of the University of Nairobi.  The occasion marks the beginning of the 12th HIV vaccine clinical trial to be conducted at KAVI-ICR since 2001. This is a first-in-human study that uses a Native-trimer HIV envelope design that will hopefully stimulate broadly neutralizing antibodies against HIV.