CEPI Community Engagement Activites

A Community Advisory Board (CAB) is a common mechanism used to promote community engagement in clinical research. At KAVI-ICR, CAB represents a formal community advisory mechanism by which communities can have a direct impact on research efforts. This is reflected historically by the response to the AIDS pandemic in which communities have played an important role in shaping the prevention, care, and research agendas, in dialogue with scientists and policymakers.

Kick off for University of Helsinki - University of Nairobi strategic partnership

The University of Helsinki and the University of Nairobi are joining their forces and forging a strategic partnership to solve some of the most pressing challenges of our times. In this kick off event that marks the beginning of the collaboration, Rector Sari Lindblom and Vice-Chancellor Stephen Kiama open the event and sign the collaboration agreement.


There are high hopes COVID-19 vaccines will help end the pandemic. However, there have been claims about these vaccines that have received mixed reactions from all quarters some advocating for the vaccines and others heavily criticizing the vaccines based on the manner in which the vaccines were hurriedly developed and approved raising safety and effectiveness concerns.

We sat down with Prof. Walter Jaoko, Director KAVI Institute of Clinical Research sheds more light on the safety to set the record straight on some of the myths circulating about COVID-19 vaccines.